Cybersecurity Consortium

Cybersecurity Consortium operates under the Value Business Consulting (VBC) structure as a professional organization of established Federal Government contractors created to help each other meet the resource demands for Small and Medium Businesses to provide services on government procurement requirements. Members of the Cyber Consortium have current and/or past performance with most components of Cybersecurity, e.g. Application Security, Data Security, Telecommunication/Infrastructure, Threat Intelligence, Forensics, Policy Development, Compliance and Training. Each of the Cybersecurity Consortium members have skill sets   which come with contract management expertise and quality control practices required to ensure "Statements of Work" are implemented successfully and within budget.

The primary objective of the Cybersecurity Consortium is to create increased capacity and resource availability by joining businesses for the collective benefit of the Cybersecurity Consortium team members and the Departments/ Agencies they serve.

The Cybersecurity Consortium also offers its clients the flexibility to choose from multiple contract vehicles, certifications and socioeconomic categories. Our goal is to exceed expectations, while simultaneously making it easy to do business with us.